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Study Travel and Move Forward


STM is a professional educational counselling agency that provides guidance and advice to the different members of the International Education community (students, local or international educational institutions, private companies) to facilitate better interaction between them using a comprehensive approach to provide benefits for all.

Our main objective is to continue on provide our clients with the most professional services with vigour, great responsibility, and integrity to result in a personalized service and with a very human quality for all our clients every day.


Be key partners of the institutions we represent for securing success in brand development andrecruitment of students in the Colombian and the broader Latin American market.

Provide personalized service for both institutions and students, with added value, responsibility and integrity for each project. Our commitment is to help crystallize dreams and increase the knowledge of people through cultural exchange and education abroad.

STM aims to be a bridge across cultures and support for the academic pursuit of the younger generation.


We will be the best positioned consulting firm nationally and internationally working for premiere companies and institutions in the field of international education abroad through providing an experienced, talented multidisciplinary professional team committed to our customers projects.

Contribute in a real way, to the economic development and welfare of Colombian society, making possible both individual and institutional academic projects.

Corporate Values

  • We communicate proactively

  • We treat others as we like to be treated

  • Honesty

  • Service Excellence

  • Reliability

  • Passion


We work with top tier institutions in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia among other countries. This allows us to provide each student with a wide choice of quality academic programs and locations.

We understand that each student has different needs and strengths and we work to determine the most appropriate academic route for each one.

We have experience to help our students achieve their goal successfully through prioritizing the student’s best interests first and always providing the best advice.

Student counselling

Our educational counselling provides professional guidance in the selection of programs, choice of institution, location, scholarships and financial assistance to meet the priorities and needs of each individual student.

Application process

Our consultants perform ongoing monitoring of the status of applications to different institutions to obtain timely and satisfactory responses to allow the student to travel in the expected times.

We fully inform each student of the different scholarship options and discounts available at each University. In addition, STM advises the student in the application process through reviewing and sending the documents required by the stipulated dates.

We also provide counselling on available financial aid from Banking and Government entities.

Visa application

Thoroughly inform and advise on necessary arrangements for the student visa application. We support our students every step of the way to best ensure that the visa process will be successful.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

We advise and guide you in every aspect related to your travel arrangements. We support students in accommodation reservation procedures within or outside the university campus or educational institution selected.

Airline tickets and travel activities

We are able to find airfares at the best prices in the market and advise our customers about the acquisition of necessary health insurance.

We understand that adapting to a new country can be challenging, therefore, we provide ongoing support to our students until their return home.